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Trail Writer's Guide

Write in the Wilderness,
or the Wilderness of Your Imagination

The beautifully illustrated Trail Writers Guide links elements of writing to your moments of inspiration crossing forest paths, mountain creeks, or alpine tundra.

These Writer's Trails lead to:

Myths and more...

I am often asked how to write about walking and wilderness. This unique book has the answers. Weaving ideas about writing with storeis of walking, the author's words inspire and encourage. All who wish to express their love of wild places in words can learn from it.
---Chris Townsend, The Backpacker's Handbook, winner Outdoor Writers Guild Award for Excellence

Like a study three-legged stool, the Trail Writer's Guide serves as a comfortable resting place from which to explore both hiking trails and the more intimate trails of your writing journey. Cinny Green shares her expeditions into the wilderness wih humbleness and generosity, erecting cairns along the path to guide your way.
-- Page Lambert, Connecting People with Nature, and Writers with Words, author and leader of outdoor writing retreats.

Cinny Green is a writer, editor, and avid backpacker in Santa Fe, N.M. She is the second place winner of the 2009 LAURA Award sponsored by Women Writing the West.

Maureen Burdock is an award-winning artist, illustrator, and graphic novelist.







Trail Writer's Guide
by Cinny Green

illustrations by Maureen Burdock

ISBN 1-978-1-889921-50-1


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