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Rancho de Valentino

Our hearts sank when we saw the scene:
the fence on our ranchland along the Tecolote River
had not just been cut in one spot. Every one of 

the five strands was cut, top to bottom,
between every fencepost 

as far as the eye could see. 

Thus opens Nancy Marsh Price’s story of how she and her husband, Ted, and son, Jay, bought some ranchland near Santa Fe, New Mexico, to use as a getaway from their busy lives in the state’s capital. Having arrived in Santa Fe from Michigan in 1970, they quickly embraced their new surroundings, including the much-touted tri-cultural ambience and the exotic Southwestern landscape. Price’s story of establishing their rural retreat acquaints us with the rewards and challenges of pursuing a traditional lifestyle in a region whose way of life was beginning to crack under the strain of poverty, a shifting population, and cultural clashes.

More than an account of the Price’s quest for a homestead getaway, this charming portrait of life in rural New Mexico details the pleasures and quirks of embracing a new way of life at a time when the state was undergoing profound changes.

Rancho de Valentino





Rancho de Valentino
by Nancy Marsh Price

120 pages, paper, photographs $19.95
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ISBN 13: 978-1-889921-55-6



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